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 SpeechPulse version 5.0.0 released. Now comes with a modern UI.


There is no better way to dictate text to your computer, right now, than Speechpulse. Period. I had to search a lot before even finding it, but it checked all the boxes I required: accurate, easy to use, versatile, and can be used to type in any program. And the dev has even been super responsive to my suggestions. Honestly, I can barely think of how to even improve it further at this point -- absolutely recommended product.


Works with all your apps

Supports real-time speech recognition. Can type into any text input area, including text editors, web browsers, and office applications.

Works completely offline

Works fully offline and doesn’t require any internet connectivity. Can use your multi-core CPU or GPU to speed up the recognition.

Multiple languages

Uses the Whisper AI models to support multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Punctuation modes

Supports both automatic and manual punctuation. You can literally dictate all the common punctuation in the manual mode.

Automatic speech input

SpeechPulse can automatically start the transcription process once you finish your dictation. You don’t need to press any keys.

Push to talk mode

Also supports push-to-talk speech input using customizable hotkeys. You can pause while dictating in the push-to-talk mode.

AI Templates

Supports offline AI language models for grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction, summarizing text, formatting text for Email, notes, etc.

File mode with Automatic Speaker Diarization

SpeechPulse can transcribe/translate your audio files. It also supports speaker diarization. Supports most audio file formats including mp3, wav, m4a, flac, ogg, and webm.

Subtitle generation

SpeechPulse can generate subtitles for your audio and video files with accurate timestamps. Supports .srt and .vtt subtitle formats.

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